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Impact Club Leaderboard

The Impact Club rewards your efforts to recruit others as active members of the League, so that more Gospels are shared and more people reached for Jesus Christ. Unlike other clubs that you have to join, you're automatically a member of the Impact Club as soon as you encourage friends to join The Pocket Testament League.

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The top 5 members in each Impact Club level currently are:

Individual League Members

Bronze leaders

Maxim and Simon N., NY (9)

Jean A., ON (9)

Jeanette S., TX (9)

Benjamin R., CT (9)

Pat B., SC (9)

more Bronze...

Silver leaders

Katherine L., FL (34)

Bryce H., TX (33)

Margaux J., CA (33)

Daniel B., NY (33)

Monique L., RI (33)

more Silver...

Gold leaders

Katherine H., GA (59)

Andrew G., CT (58)

Thomas D., CA (56)

Gilda J., VA (55)

Nancy M., NJ (54)

more Gold...

Platinum leaders

Mel H., FL (3,828)

Steve P., TN (567)

Rick L., FL (335)

Evangelist Luis G., CA (262)

Colleen W., NC (223)

more Platinum...

Levels are achieved with the following number of signups:
Bronze: 2, Silver: 10, Gold: 35, Platinum: 60

League Speaker Reps and Pastors

Bronze leaders

Deniece A., SC (34)

Doug E., VA (34)

Brian N., TX (34)

Darrell F., MI (34)

Dennis J., IL (33)

more Bronze...

Silver leaders

Vernon Z., FL (74)

Jim K., CA (74)

Ron S., CA (72)

Deborah C., FL (72)

Nate S., TX (70)

more Silver...

Gold leaders

Steven L., IL (116)

David S., FL (106)

Jeff E., IN (105)

Beau C., CA (103)

Richard A., MT (103)

more Gold...

Platinum leaders

Tom L., CT (28,743)

Don S., TN (9,309)

Byron G., FL (2,515)

Michael B., CA (549)

Ray J., CA (486)

more Platinum...

Levels are achieved with the following number of signups:
Bronze: 15, Silver: 35, Gold: 75, Platinum: 125