The spiritual harvest in China is plentiful. Believers across this vast nation are passionate and fearless - ready to reach their country for Jesus. But they need equipping!

That's why they're asking for your help today.

Right now, Chinese Christians are asking for 5.5 million copies of the Gospel of John.

Wonderfully, the Chinese government has granted permission for us to carry out the print runs in country. Officials have also consented to let us print the modern Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) - which makes God's Word accessible to all.

But we simply don't know how long this amazing window of opportunity will remain open. We must act fast. Only with your support will we meet our $825,000 goal by October 31, so the print runs can go ahead.

Your gift today will make a significant difference, as you place God's Word into Chinese pockets and impact the nation for Jesus.

  • A $30 gift will print 200 copies of John's Gospel.
  • A gift of $60 will mean 400 copies will be printed.
  • And your generous $150 will print 1,000 Gospels - ready to be put into Chinese pockets!

Thank you for your generous response!

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